Physiotherapy at Home – A Growing Trend in India

Home physiotherapy has been pretty much a recent trend as many patients prefer to avail of physiotherapy at their home instead of hospitals or clinics. While this may or may not add to the costs the patient incurs, there is a definite trend that home physiotherapy is on the rise. It is convenient to have physiotherapy at home because the devices needed are portable and can be expanded and collapsed, whenever needed. Patients, especially the ones with jobs, are finding this convenient as they do not have to commute those extra miles to the clinic.India has seen a rise in home practice of physiotherapy. For example, home physiotherapy in Chandigarh is a growing and a conspicuous trend.

Physiotherapy at home: is it convenient or inconvenient?

A physiotherapist may need a portable equipments, cables and all other equipments necessary to perform physiotherapy in the patient”s home. Now, all patient needs to do are to give sufficient space to conduct physiotherapy. So, physiotherapy is fully convenient at home, given the conditions are fulfilled.

Benefits of home physiotherapy

The current trend is beneficial mainly for the patients who are unable to attend clinics or hospitals because of medical conditions or other preoccupations. Though it may be a little bit more expensive, patients do not mind paying for the host of benefits it bring.

Patients are able to manage their time better as they are able to save time on commuting. This is helpful especially in cities that have traffic problems. Patients who have day jobs have found a boon indeed.

Patients are able to receive personalized and individual care. Physiotherapists or their assistants can focus solely on the patient at home and understand their requirements. This may not be possible when the physiotherapists have to attend to multiple patients at clinics or hospitals.

Is physiotherapy at home for you?

Before you call a physiotherapist at home, consider the following factors:

Are you comfortable having a stranger in your home? Not everyone is. If you are comfortable, make sure that the physiotherapist has the right credentials and you have checked all required references. It helps if the physiotherapist is from a reputed clinic or hospital.

Irrespective of whether you are having physiotherapy at home or at a clinic, the physiotherapist must have good credentials first. Importantly, the physiotherapist must know the skills that are related to your medical condition. Of course, skills required for rehabilitation of post operative conditions and carpal tunnel are vastly different. The physiotherapist must also be experienced in handling patients who suffer from specific medical conditions. Physiotherapy at home, however, is set to grow, given the current trends.