Practice and Patient Care

Physiotherapy Practice

Physiotherapy is a healthcare service mainly that is concerned to offer physiotherapy treatment for those who have disabilities as well as impairments.Physiotherapy is a science where dysfunctions are improved. It also seeks to promote the functioning of the human body and ensures optimal health. It is always aimed at reducing disability amongst people. This type of treatment is popular because it does not have side effects like other types of treatments.It is also a service that is used to improve the mobility, function ability, quality of once life as well as the body’s movement ability. All this work involves various plans and guidelines to perform examination, physical intervention, evaluation and diagnosis, which is done by expert physiotherapists.There are also other services in this field which include: research work, education, administration as well as consultation.

What Do Our Physiotherapist?

Team Homephysiotherapist can offer a number of treatments which are adapted for each individual patient. We are able to provide manual therapy techniques which involve the physiotherapist manipulating parts of the body. This will help to increase blood flow to problem areas while also helping to relieve muscle pain and stiffness.Our physiotherapists may also provide movement and exercise regimes for individuals who have physical problems. They will take into account the age and health levels of the individual to create a tailored plan that is suited to the individual’s needs.
The first stage is usually observation and assessment. It is done by examining the medical history and also performing a physical examination.The former is usually subjective while the latter is usually objective.These two examination processes are usually very important so as to successfully treat the patient.

The second stage is where tests to diagnose the disease or disability are taken. This helps in evaluation of the condition of the patient. By doing this a physiotherapist can be able to come up with the best treatment plan. A treatment plan will help during the treatment process and will also simplify the work of the therapist.

After evaluation and diagnosis, the treatment process begins. There are various treatment methods based on the needs of an individual. Physiotherapy techniques have changed due to the growth in this field. The most common treatment methods include, cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and integumentary.

Rehabilitation, a practice done by physiotherapists, is usually done to restore ability or abilities. During this process, the focus is mainly placed on the problem that hinders the effective functioning of the patient. The physical therapist tries as much as possible to restore the proper functioning of the body part that had a problem.

How Can Team Homephysiotherapist Helps?

Our Physiotherapists are able to help with a wide range of ailments and physical problems. There are four main areas that they work on: musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, respiratory. Musculoskeletal refers to the bones, joints and soft tissue in the body. Neuromuscular is the brain and the nervous system, cardiovascular is the heart and blood circulation, and respiratory refers to any part of the body which are used to help you to breathe, such as the windpipe and lungs. Our some of the most popular physiotherapy services that are offered, how you can find the best physiotherapist for your needs.Some specialist areas that they’re able to work in include:

* Mental health

* Intensive care

* Neurology

* Long-term conditions

* Orthopaedics and trauma

* Workplace Health

* Paediatrics

* Elderly care

* Education and health care promotion

* Womens problems

Many sport professionals and Olympians will also use a physiotherapist to help them with their practice.Our physiotherapists are able to help treat sports injuries, and they can also provide a full rehabilitation program. They are often employed by large sports teams or used in sports physiotherapy programs.